Chartrand Frank

Chartrand Frank

Frank Chartrand Sport: Soccer Year Inducted: 2012 Frank Chartrand starred at soccer and was the backbone of the La Citadelle Patriots team in the 1970’s. Frank was a part of the birth of the Cornwall City Soccer Club and it’s his leadership that has helped the club’s success. Frank was behind the growth of the […]

Bergeron Ron

Ron Bergeron Sport: Soccer Year Inducted: 2008 Ron Bergeron is inducted into the Cornwall Sports Hall of Fame as a builder for his two plus decades of dedication to excellence in soccer. Ron wore many hats during a career that spanned from 1976 to 1999. He has been a coach, referee, coordinator, sponsor, Director and […]

Sinfield Frank

Frank (Sinny) Sinfield Sport: Soccer Year Inducted: 1968 Frank Sinfield, born in 1900, was known to his teammates as “Sinny”. He played for the Ives Bedding Soccer team for years, winning the Championship in 1923. He was a great ball dribbler and a good runner. He did most of the team’s scoring. His team would […]

Primeau Joe

Joe Primeau Sport: Soccer Year Inducted: 1968 Joe Primeau, born in 1890, played on Cornwall’s senior soccer team. He played outside right and scored most of the goals. He played in Ottawa, Kingston, Sterling, and Belleville. He was considered one of the best players in the league. He loved all sports and was an avid […]

Nurse Walter

Walter Nurse Sport: Soccer Year Inducted: 1968 Walter Nurse, born in 1905, was one of Cornwall’s great soccer players. He played on the Courtauld’s teams for years when they had their great teams. He was a steady, solid player, and assisted his team to some Championships. He played in both the Ottawa and Montreal leagues. […]

Marton Frank

Frank Marton Sport: Soccer Year Inducted: 1992 Frank Marton’s soccer career has seen him wearing many caps – from player to coach to manager of teams and even to founder of leagues. In 1973, at a time when there had been no soccer at a senior level for over twenty years, Frank put together a […]

Marlin Sr. William

William (Bill) Marlin Sr. Sport: Soccer Year Inducted: 1968 William Marlin Sr., born in 1902, is better known as “Bill”. He played for Courtauld’s soccer team for years in the city league and also in Montreal as well as Ottawa leagues. Bill was a tricky player and could run with the best of them. He was […]

Lomberg Doug

Doug Lomberg Sport: Soccer:   Year Inducted: 1990 Doug Lomberg has dedicated over 40 years to the game of soccer as a player, coach, administrator, and builder. This incredible span of years began in his native city of Cape Town, South Africa where he made his mark, first as a player, both as an amateur and […]