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Blue Carmen

Carmen Donald Blue
Sport: Bowling
Year Inducted: 1984

The late Carmen Donald Blue dominated Cornwall Bowling Lanes like few before or after him.

From 1948 to 1974, Carmen was the Wayne Gretzky of Cornwall Bowling.

In the 1950’s, Carmen established a record that has stood the test of time. Some say it will never be approached. For five successive years, he was the Men’s City League high-average Champion and in each successive year recorded a record average.

He started with a 254, increased it to 256, matched that average the next season, improved to 258 and finished the streak with 259.

He was the first to establish a 250-plus season average in the City League.

In the 1957-58 season, he was a member of a four-man team that represented Eastern Ontario in the Molson Classic Championship in Toronto. Other team members were Doug Taillon, Angelo Brunet, and Ray Carriere.

The following season, he was the only Cornwall bowler selected to the Eastern Ontario team. In the Championship tournament, he averaged 262.

His career high-triple was 998. At 17, he recorded lofty singles of 327, 343, 358, 378, 386, and 408.

Carmen died in 1977 at the age of 45.