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Chisholm Colin

Colin James Chisholm
Sport: Lacrosse
Year Inducted: 1974

In 1930, Colin James Chisholm, while teaching at Cornwall Island, teamed up with Frank Roundpoint and established a small lacrosse stick company that ultimately expanded to become the World’s largest supplier of lacrosse sticks.

The Cornwall Minor Lacrosse System is a result of Colin’s efforts. As one of the founding members and President, the success and popularity of minor lacrosse in Cornwall is a monument to this man’s devotion to the sport. The same holds true in most leagues across Canada, because without Colin’s freely given assistance, many of these teams and leagues would have folded.

In 1963, when no other city or person in Canada would sponsor the Mann Cup Series, Colin financed the series and brought this very successful event to Cornwall. The Mann Cup became a major sporting event in Cornwall. Without Colin’s effort and foresight, it would, in all probability have disappeared from the sporting scene.

In 1968, a disastrous fire destroyed the lacrosse factory. The esteem the lacrosse people in Canada and USA held for Colin first came to light with many offers of financial assistance.

The Canadian Lacrosse Association, being aware of Colin’s contribution to the sport, inducted him into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1962.