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Cooper Carson

Carson (Shovel Shot) Cooper
Sport: Hockey:   Year Inducted: 1968

Carson “Shovel Shot” Cooper was born July 17th,1899. Carson learned his hockey in Cornwall playing on several Championship teams.

In 1924, he went to the Boston Bruins where in three seasons he scored 37 goals.

After a season in Montreal with the Canadiens where he wore number 5, he managed 5 goals in 14 games.

Carson went to Detroit for the next five years playing for both the Cougars and Falcons of the NHL. In ten seasons Carson Cooper played 295 games and scored 110 goals.

After his hockey playing days, Carson coached the Cleveland Falcons of the IAHL.

He then turned to scouting for the Detroit Red Wings and later, the New York Rangers.

He also was a star lacrosse player.

When Carson passed away in Cornwall, the entire Detroit Red Wings Hockey Club came to Cornwall to pay him tribute.