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MacRae Oliver

Oliver Cameron (Jigger) MacRae
Sport: Hockey
Year Inducted: 1994

Oliver Cameron “Jigger” MacRae’s involvement in hockey goes back to Minor Hockey in the late 50’s, before the Bob Turner arena was built, as a father and fan of competitive recreation, but always in a sportsmanlike manner, for fun and love of the sport and its children.

In 1964, Oliver was approached by Larry Keen Sr., about forming a Junior hockey league. With the help of Jerry Brown, the founding members of the league, MacRae, Si Miller, Doug Murphy, Daniel Begg, Sid Barque, and Bob Appleton formed an executive which would continue for 20 years.

Interested players would register and pay a small fee. The names were pooled and the first draft was held. Six teams were formed in the first year, all with local sponsorship, each team being allowed to protect six players in subsequent years. At its peak, the league operated with eight teams.

Some of the coaches to volunteer were Si Miller, Red Dupuis, Aime Leblanc, Jim Healy Sr., Lynd MacDonald and Peter Gibbs.

The players ranged in age from 17-20, and all signed ODHA cards, protecting them to the Cornwall District. Oliver very seldom missed a game over 20 years. The rink was his second home. Eventually, he had held all positions on the executive from 1964-84.

As the league developed, it became apparent just how much talent our area produced. The most prominent of these had to be Bob Currier, drafted as first choice by the Philadelphia Flyers.

Oliver was on hand to help organize Cornwall’s First Annual Bantam Torunament, and helped each year until ‘Jr B’ ended in 1984.