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McAllister Alex

Alex McAllister
Sport: Golf
Year Inducted: 1980

Alex McAllister was born in Sudbury, Ontario, and moved to Cornwall in 1945. His elementary and secondary education took place in Cornwall.

He was always interested in athletics and was one of the rare people who could be called a “natural” athlete. He became an ardent competitor as well as a student of the games he played.

One of his early loves was the game of tennis at which he became very proficient, winning several open and closed Championship tournaments in and around Cornwall.

During high school he became interested in both basketball and football, two sports he played throughout his school years.

He took his post high school education at Concordia University and was a member of the varsity teams in tennis, swimming, and basketball. He was voted Most Valuable Player three years in a row at varsity basketball. While at Concordia, he was also voted to the City of Montreal All-Star basketball team in 1957.

Upon graduation, Alex entered the teaching profession and soon began a serious interest in golf. He joined the Cornwall Golf and Country Club in 1961 and soon won his first club Championship in 1963. He then went on to win a total of five club titles, and, over the years, finished second eleven times. In addition to his successes locally, he has won numerous tournaments in invitational, team competitions, and provincial events.

He continues to excel and enjoy golf, the game he loves.