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Piteau Doug

Doug Piteau
Sport: Football
Year Inducted: 1977

In 1954, Doug Piteau completed an outstanding athletic career at St. Lawrence High School. He was the first of many fine quarterbacks to develop at S.L.H.S. who were to make this school a football power in Eastern Ontario during the 1950’s and 60’s. A genuine triple threat man-passer, kicker and runner.

He also started on the St. Lawrence basketball and track teams.

In 1955, he enrolled at McMaster University where he played flanker and end, and was Russ Jackson’s favourite pass receivers.

After three years at McMaster, Doug transferred to the University of British Colombia where he starred for two years at quarterback and flanker.

Frank Gnup, the Thunderbirds coach and former Canadian Football League coach said he had the best pair of hands he had ever seen on any football player.

Some newspaper quotes: -“The best find of the season in ex-McMaster end, Doug Piteau.” -“Piteau has been Mr. Everything for the Birds: end, halfback and quarterback at various times, also punter.” -“End Doug Piteau makes our quarterback look like a world beater with his sensational pass-catching.”

There were many more references to his outstanding performances on the football field.

Doug was considered a prime professional prospect by the British Columbia Lions but declined; he went to South Africa where he studied and received his Doctorate in Geology.

He now lives in Vancouver where he is a Geology Consultant.