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Taylor Boyd

Boyd Taylor
Sport: Trap Shooting
Year Inducted: 1994

Boyd Taylor was a registered ATA (Amateur Trap Shooting Association) Trap Shooter in the 1960’s. ATA governs the sport of trap shooting in Canada and the USA.

Taylor earned five first-place wins in the AA class, at registered ATA shoots.

He won the Glengarry Trap Shooting Club Dow Kingsbeer High Average Trophy four consecutive years, from 1963 to 1966.

He also won the Winchester Springs Trap & Skeet Shooting Club’s annual A class high average trophy in 1964-1966.

In both 1965 and 1966, he won the AA high average shoots at the Malone Trap & Skeet Club.

The Malone Trap & Skeet Club acquired Boyd as their Trap Chairman in the 1960’s.

Boyd won a Molson Special Trap Shoot in Lacadie, Quebec, and did it with a score of 100 straight.

Boyd achieved induction to the CIL 100 Straight Club for both trap and skeet shooting. No one from this area has achieved the honor in both sports. He’s shot 100 straight six times at trap shooting events.

In the 1960’s, Boyd was approached by a member of the Olympic Trap Shooting Committee, to try out for the Olympics, held in Japan. At the time however, Boyd was running his own business and had just become a new father, and felt it would be detrimental to both his business and family life.

Roger Baikie, Art Stanford, and several businessmen approached Boyd to help form the St. Lawrence Trap Shooting Club, located on the Old Boundary Road. The club functioned successfully for quite a few years until the land was sold.

In 1984, Boyd was approached by Angelo Lebano, and Doug Gordon from the Cornwall Beagle Club to set up and develop trap shooting at the Cornwall Beagle Club grounds in Bonville. He used his contacts to obtain money and equipment, and supervise the building of a first-rate club.

Boyd ran the club for seven years, putting on various shoots and running shoots for other organizations such as Ducks Unlimited.

With the club progressing well, and with new dedicated members, Taylor retired from running the club at then end of 1991. His interest in the sport did not wane, and he has contributed a beautiful 1000 Bird Trophy for the annual high average, awarded each year at the Cornwall Beagle Club Trap Division Annual Open Shoot. Boyd has been making this presentation each year.

Boyd discontinued shooting competitively, but has always taken time to work with new shooters to help develop their potential in the sport.

Boyd was also actively involved in other sports such as boxing, and motorcycle road racing.

In the 1950’s and early 1960’s, he owned the Long Sault Shamrocks senior lacrosse team.

Many years were spent Model Railroading, entering many shows and winning several awards.