Relyea Robert

Relyea Robert

Robert Clair Relyea Sport: Boxing Year Inducted: 1968 Robert Clair Relyea was born in Cornwall on February 13, 1897. Robert started boxing at the age of 14; He won the boxing Championship in the Welterweight category at the University of Toronto Intercollegiate Sport Program during the early 1920’s. He won the Championship of Cornwall and […]

Robertson Allan

Allan Robertson Sport: Track & Field Year Inducted: 1980 Allan Robertson rose to stardom in the early 1950s as an outstanding all around athlete at CCVS. He starred equally in rugby, basketball, and track. In rugby he played for two years with Queens Golden Gaels. In track & field, Allan became one of the leaders […]

Robertson Ken

Ken Robertson Sport: Golf Year Inducted: 1982 Ken Robertson has been a long time member of the Cornwall Golf and Country Club (C.G. & C.C.). He has been an avid golfer all his life. He was a member of the Board of Directors for 8 years; he served as President for 5 years: 1967, 1968, […]

Robertson George

George Robertson Sport: Baseball Year Inducted: 1968 George Robertson, born in 1883, moved to Cornwall in 1918. He organized, managed, and played on many Cornwall teams, notably the famous Ives Bedding Company teams of that time. He was also an outstanding umpire. George’s other sports interests were hockey, and soccer. He was secretary for the […]

Roberts Ethel

Ethel O. Roberts Sport: Softball Year Inducted: 1968 Ethel O. Roberts is still a star softball player. She has always been a sensational player and could handle any position on the team, infield or outfield. A great batter and fast runner, she has probably played more seasons of softball than any other woman of her […]

Riviere Jr. Edward

Edward (Ed) Riviere Jr. Sport: Softball Year Inducted: 1977 Edward “Ed” Riviere Jr. was captain, 3rd baseman and lead off batter on probably the most powerful ball team ever assembled in Cornwall, a team that went on to win both the Intermediate and Senior Softball Championships of Eastern Ontario in 1951. He was particularly suited […]

Richard Jacques

Jacques Richard Sport: Baseball Year Inducted: 2000 Jacques Richard was one of Cornwall’s most gifted young athletes when he was tragically killed in a boating accident near Sudbury in the summer of 1959. He was 18. His memory lives on in the Jacques Richard Memorial Trophy which is given annually at the Cornwall Lions Club […]

Racine Maurice

Maurice Moe (The Toe) Racine Sport: Football Year Inducted: 1968 Another of the multi sports athletes, Maurice Moe “The Toe” Racine was born October 13th, 1937 in the city of Cornwall. He attended St. Lawrence High School where he starred playing both basketball and football under legendary coach Art Anderson. Moe was the city of […]

Ruest Mike

Michel Mike (Rooster) Lyn Ruest Sport: Hockey:   Year Inducted: 2006 Michel Mike “Rooster” Lyn Ruest not only lived the dream of playing for his hometown Cornwall Royals but he also made history along the way. Ruest was arguably one of the best defencemen to graduate from the Cornwall Minor Hockey Association travelling team system and […]

Rowe Edward

Edward (Eddie) James Rowe Sport: Hockey:   Year Inducted: 1982 Edward “Eddie” James Rowe’s hockey career started in the Cornwall OCOT program; he became an immediate star in minor hockey, baseball, and softball. In 1952-53, he was a member of the Canadian Legion Junior Hockey Team that won the City and Ottawa District Championship. He won […]