Jamieson Roney

Jamieson Roney

Roney (Zip) Jamieson Sport: Lacrosse Year Inducted: 1982 Roney “Zip” Jamieson most likely inherited his love for sports from his father Moe who is also in the Hall of Fame in the category of lacrosse. His introduction to organized lacrosse came at the age of 10 at Central Public School under the supervision of Pat […]

Jamieson Moe

Moe Jamieson Sport: Lacrosse Year Inducted: 1980 Information to come. Maurice ‘Moe’ Jamieson was a lacrosse and hockey player during 1920’s and early thirties. Moe was as skilled on the ice as he was on the lacrosse floor. He was an offensive player who figured on the score sheet in most games he played. Sadly, […]

James Welland

Welland (Buck) James Sport: Lacrosse Year Inducted: 1969 Welland “Buck” James, born 1888, was an outstanding baseball player. He was a pitcher for the businessmen’s ball team. He also played in the old factory league in 1918 and the city league in 1926. Buck was a good hitter. He played lacrosse in the N.L.U. league. […]

Hesse Cory

Corydon Ashton (Cory) Hesse Sport: Lacrosse Year Inducted: 1968 Corydon Ashton “Cory” Hesse, born 1880, started out in senior lacrosse at the age of 19. He played in Cornwall for 6 seasons, and then moved out to the west coast in 1911. Cory was considered one of the greatest goalies of his time. He was […]

Herrington Richard

Richard (Rick) Herrington Sport: Lacrosse:   Year Inducted: 2002 There was nothing fancy about Richard “Rick” Herrington’s introduction to the game of lacrosse. It was a simple pastime. As a youngster, he, along with a squad of other kids, spent hours throwing a lacrosse ball against the old Dominion Store exterior wall. And when they weren’t […]

Henri Jean-Paul

Jean Paul (Sugar) Henri Sport: Lacrosse Year Inducted: 1990 Jean Paul “Sugar” Henri, born August 5, 1926, joined the Canadian Army in 1945 after two years as the top scorer with Cornwall in the Ontario Provincial Lacrosse League. He was posted in Quebec City where senior lacrosse was the rage. Henri decided to drop into […]

Fawthrop Doug

Doug Fawthrop Sport: Lacrosse:   Year Inducted: 1986 Like so many Cornwall athletes, Doug Fawthrop came through the Joe St. Denis OCOT programme. He played hockey, softball, baseball, football, and lacrosse; in 1939 and 1940 he won the CCVS senior track and field trophy. While playing on OCOT lacrosse teams, Doug was picked to play for […]

Donihee Henry

Henry Patrick (Hank) Donihee Sport: Lacrosse Year Inducted: 1969 Henry Patrick “Hank” Donihee was a marvelous lacrosse player noted by his friends. He was well respect by other teams in the area and played for out-of-town teams for cash. Hank stayed in the community, and had a butcher shop on Gloucester Street. Deceased 1940.  

Desrosiers Omer

Omer Desrosiers Sport: Lacrosse:   Year Inducted: 1986 Omer Desrosiers was born in St. Moise, P.Q. in 1924 and moved to Cornwall at the age of 4. He lived in Cornwall all his life until his death in 1982 at the age of 58. As a youngster, he participated in all sports, under the leadership of […]

Desrosiers Jules

Jules (Ceasar) Desrosiers Sport: Lacrosse:   Year Inducted: 1971 Jules “Ceasar” Desrosiers, born 1920, joined the local OCOT sports club in 1930 at the age of 10. In 1934 and 1935, Jules was chosen All-Star goaltender for the Cornwall Midget lacrosse team, in the All-Ontario Championships; the team was beaten out by Toronto on both occasions. […]