McDonald Jim

McDonald Jim

Jim McDonald Sport: Softball Year Inducted: 2004 The Our Citizens of Tomorrow (OCOT) organization produced a wealth of talented athletes. One of them was Jim McDonald who honed his immense baseball and softball skills on the diamonds at the Athletic Grounds and King George Park. In the winter, Jim did what so many of his […]

McAteer Percy

Percy (Ty) McAteer Sport: Baseball Year Inducted: 1968 Percy “Ty” McAteer was born in Cornwall in 1887. Ty excelled in baseball as a pitcher and second baseman. He remained active in baseball as a coach for many years with the ladies OCOT softball teams. Ty lived baseball the year round.  

Martell Jim

Jim (Mr. Softball) Martell Sport: Softball Year Inducted: 2004 Jim “Mr. Softball” Martell’s love of softball began as an eight year old student at Cardinal Public School. And as an 11-year-old bat boy for his father’s softball team he got a front row seat to senior games. It also made him one of the youngest […]

Mack Dr. Harold

Dr. Harold Mack Sport: Baseball Year Inducted: 1968 Dr. Harold Mack, born 1898, who also found time to play baseball, was a “Crackerjack” third baseman for the business men. He is noted for being very fast with a snap throw to first base, as well as being a good man at bat, and a fast […]

MacGregor Keith

Keith MacGregor Sport: Softball Year Inducted: 1988 Keith MacGregor came from Newington area, and began his career with the North End Softball League, when he was recruited at the age of 18. In the 11 years that he played for Howard Smith/Domtar, the Millmen won eight League pennants and eight Championships, retiring two Lyon Miller […]

McDonald Walter

Walter (Walt) McDonald Sport: Baseball Year Inducted: 1982 Walter “Walt” McDonald could have been seriously considered for induction in other categories – hockey, lacrosse or softball, but his start was made in baseball. Baseball was his first love, becoming a star centre fielder, and a dangerous long-ball hitter. He also enjoyed a great deal of […]

Loke Marmaduke

Marmaduke (Marm) Loke Sport: Baseball Year Inducted: 1969 Marmaduke “Marm” Loke, born in 1880, started playing baseball with the Old Swastikas, and with the Teddy Bears, and the Emeralds. Marm was a pitcher, and a good hitter. He also played for the Canadian Cottons, and Ives Bedding Teams. Marm, who played sports for 35 years, […]

Liddell Harry

Harry Liddell Sport: Baseball Year Inducted: 1968 Harry Liddell was born in Cornwall in 1892. He was an outstanding baseball and hockey player. He was a great fielder, and long ball hitter. He was a member of the famous Cornwall Emeralds, winning many Championships. His sports career in hockey took him to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and […]

Levere Sr. Harry

Ira Harry Levere Sr. Sport: Softball Year Inducted: 1968 Ira “Harry” Levere Sr., was born in 1900 in Cardinal, and moved to Cornwall in 1925. He was one of the first men to organize the North-End Softball League. He coached and played for 20 years in this league, and his Maple Leafs were a household […]

Leduc Marcel

Marcel Leduc Sport: Softball Year Inducted: 2010 Marcel Leduc’s trek to the Cornwall Sports Hall of Fame began in the 1950’s. Marcel began playing softball (or fastball) in the Industrial and North End Leagues in 1955 as a 15 year old pitcher. That same year, Marcel threw his first of 3 career no hitters but […]