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Lebrun Gus

Gustave (Gus) Lebrun Sport: Hockey:   Year Inducted: 1994 Gustave "Gus" Lebrun was born in 1923. In 1940-41, he played for the Junior Flyers, Champions of City Junior Hockey League. In 1941-42, he played for the Junior "B" Colts. In 1943, he played for the Industrial...

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Laroque Charles

Charles Laroque Sport: Hockey:   Year Inducted: 1974 Charles Laroque began his hockey career in the early 1920's playing right wing in Vancouver, Espanola, and Winnipeg. In 1926, he joined the Chicoutimi team of the Quebec Hockey League. His play earned him a position...

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Larin Nelson

Nelson S. (Cis) Larin Sport: Hockey:   Year Inducted: 1971 Nelson S. "Cis" Larin, born in 1890, played both junior and senior hockey in Montreal and many other parts of Quebec. He also played senior hockey in his home arena and again on county teams. He also played...

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Lapointe Paul

Paul Lapointe Sport: Hockey:   Year Inducted: 1992 Paul Lapointe moved to Cornwall in 1954 from Noranda, Quebec. He had played hockey for Noranda Midgets when they won the NOHA Championship in 1954. Paul attended St. Lawrence High School where he played five years for...

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Lane Roscoe

Roscoe (Curly) Lane Sport: Hockey:   Year Inducted: 1969 Roscoe "Curly" Lane, born in 1901, was a big, strong, fast skating defenceman. Curly played on Cornwall's great junior team in the OHA defeating Brockville, Kingston, Belleville, Delascelle and Auralee of...

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Lalonde Newsy

Edouard C. (Newsy) Lalonde Sport: Hockey:   Year Inducted: 1968 A native of Cornwall, Ontario, Edouard C. “Newsy” Lalonde earned his nickname by working in a local newsprint plant as a youth. He excelled at his two chosen sports and made his debut in organized hockey...

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