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Ouderkirk Steve

Steve Ouderkirk Sport: Hockey Year Inducted: 2010 A fifteen year career as trainer with the Cornwall Royals paved the way for Steve Ouderkirk’s induction into the Cornwall Sports Hall of Fame. Diagnosed with Osgood Slaters disease in his teens, Steve was not permitted...

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O’Neill Randy

Randy (Double Nickel) O'Neill Sport: Softball Year Inducted: 2008 Randy "Double Nickel" O'Neill is arguably one of the best fastball players out of Cornwall period. His biography could end with that line but for those very few that don't know, Randy O'Neill started...

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O’Byrne Ernestine

Ernestine O'Byrne Sport: Basketball Year Inducted: 1986 Ernestine O'Byrne was the ultimate in a team player, a play maker, who set up others to score. She is the daughter of Mrs. Joseph O'Byrne and she has two brothers, Herman and Daniel, and three sisters,...

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O’Neil William

William T. O'Neil Sport: Lacrosse Year Inducted: 1969 William T. O'Neil, born in 1871, was one of Cornwall's great lacrosse coaches. Known as "Bill", he coached the Cornwall Seniors for years. He then coached at Carlisle and Lehigh University with Pop Warner who...

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Osler Edward

Edward (Eddie) Gordon Osler Sport: Hockey Year Inducted: 1972 Edward "Eddie" Gordon Osler was born in Cornwall November 6th, 1908. After a successful minor and junior career, Eddie joined the Cornwall Colts of the Ottawa Valley League. He led his team to the Citizen's...

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