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Castle Bonnie

Bonnie Riddell Castle
Sport: Figure Skating
Year Inducted: 1974-5

Bonnie Riddell Castle’s figure skating began in 1956 when, at the age of seven, she joined the Cornwall YWCA Figure Skating Club and the Ottawa Minto Club.

She passed the Preliminary Test set forth by the CNFSA at the Ottawa Minto Club in 1958. Passing the Bronze Test in 1960, Bonnie also won the Cummings Rosebowl Trophy, emblematic of the Cornwall Club’s Top Skater.

Bonnie placed third in the Ladies Novice Singles at the Eastern Canadian Championship in Hull in 1961.

Passing the Second Test at the Minto Club, Bonnie was awarded the Ladies Juvenile Singles Trophy in 1962.

She continued to successfully pass the official Canadian Figure Skating Association tests. Bonnie completed these under the guidance of Sheldon Galbraith, the World’s Olympic Professional.

In 1967, she turned professional and began a successful teaching career that spanned the Cornwall, Morrisburg, Finch, and Winchester Skating Clubs.