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NHL Connection

While this nation boasts its hockey pedigree, the city of Cornwall has had its share of athletes move on and reach professional hockey. As such, the CSHOF created a gallery of those players, coaches and builders who became part of the National Hockey League. The criteria was decided from players who were either born in Cornwall or played on our numerous local teams over the past century. If they played one game or 1,000, you will find them here.

Enjoy Cornwall’s collection – those who make up our NHL / WHA professional connection.

If you know of someone who you think belongs on this list, please let us know.

Please Note: We have compiled a three year roster 1993-1996 which includes 49 players from the AHL Cornwall Aces who belong on this list and they will be added here soon.

Note: The names in red represent CSHOF inductees (click on the name to read more).

Scott Arniel

Fred Arthur

Kyle Baun

Tim Bernhardt

Fred Boimistruck

Richard Brodeur

Gerry Brown

Newell Brown

Doug Carpenter

Bill Carter

Robert Charlebois

Alain Chevrier

Bob Crawford

Marc Crawford

Dan Daoust

Corb Denneny

Cy Denneny

Connie Dion

Dan Frawley

Aaron Gavey

Doug Gilmour

Bob Hartley

Dale Hawerchuk

Punch Imlach

Tom Ivan

Bob Kilger

Chad Kilger

Jim Kyte

Newsy Lalonde

Nathan Lafayette

Gilles Leger

Blair MacDonald

Gary MacGregor

Steve Maltais

Frank Mario

John Markell

Jacques Martin

Dan McGillis

Eric Meloche

Ray Miron

Owen Nolan

Rick Paterson

Jean Payette

Scott Pearson

Chase Pearson

Gerry Plamondon

Steve Poapst

Mike Prokopec

Bruce Racine

Rob Ray

Joe Reekie

Mathieu Schneider

Ray Sheppard

Al Sims

John Slaney

Billy Smith

Gordon Smith

Mike Stapleton

Rick Tabaracci

Orval Tessier

Mike Tomlak

Ryan VandenBussche

Mario Vien

Jesse Winchester

John Wensink

Ron Ward

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