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Kirkey Ashley

Ashley James Kirkey
Sport: Boxing
Year Inducted: 1970

Ashley James Kirkey, born in 1915, started boxing in Cornwall in 1932 for Scotty Raynor.

He had his first ring battle with Paddy Welsh, winning this bout while fighting for the West End Boxing Club.

Ashley fought approximately 100 bouts and lost 3 in the Bantam weight division.

He won victories in England where he captured the 1st CDN. Brigade and 1st CDN. Division Championship. He also won the Aldershot Command (England) Championship in 1940, and followed this victory with another when he beat the best the London Metropolitan Police had to offer.

In 1944, he won the Mile Race while serving with the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment.

He won the City Championship from Jerry Blanchard – former Golden Glove Champion, and the right to enter Golden Gloves finals in Montreal.

He was also a track and field star.

Ashley died on April 28, 1986, at the age of 70.