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Legault Richard

Richard (Dick) Legault
Sport: Bowling
Year Inducted: 1988

Over the past 20 years, statistics prove that Richard “Dick” Legault is the premier and most consistent five-pin bowler in Cornwall.

With a lifetime average of 252, Dick would have been eligible to bowl for any team in Canada. In 16 of 20 years, he recorded season averages of over 250, reaching an average high of 265 in 1977-78. His lifetime high-triple was 1085, with an amazing three-string average of 362. Other high-triples were 987, 982, and 935. In high singles, he bowled several 400’s with highs of 423 and 418. Other statistics show he won season high averages six times, high triple three times, and a high single of 411.

In 1963, because of his love for the sport, Dick took over as manager of the Olympia Bowl. At the time, bowling was in a bit of a down cycle, but through hard work, dedication and personality, Dick played a major role in reviving interest and bringing the sport back to the high level it now enjoys. He was rewarded for his success with a partnership in the business.

He was a leader in the organization and operation of what is now known as the Cornwall Chapter of the Youth Bowling Council, a Canada-wide organization. He managed to find time to teach young boys and girls to bowl and be good sports persons and community citizens. He has continued this work for 25 years.

He is most proud of the many Provincial and Canadian Championships these young people have won over the years; he has accompanied them across the country in their quest for honours for Cornwall. He has held several executive positions in the YBC program, including Program Director, Zone Representative, and Zone President. Among his many regognition awards are Appreciation Citizen Award and Program Director of the Year for all of Canada.

Dick has always been a sports enthusiast and participant, including hockey and golf, and was an excellent short-stop and third baseman for several years in the North End Softball League.