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MacGregor Keith

Keith MacGregor
Sport: Softball
Year Inducted: 1988

Keith MacGregor came from Newington area, and began his career with the North End Softball League, when he was recruited at the age of 18.

In the 11 years that he played for Howard Smith/Domtar, the Millmen won eight League pennants and eight Championships, retiring two Lyon Miller trophies through winning three consecutive years.

In 1956, his first year, Keith pitched two no-hitters, two one-hitters, and three three-hitters, and led the league in strikeouts. The team repeated in 1957 with Keith tossing another no-hitter and he averaged 12 strikes a game for the season. He continued to perform well as time went on.

His services as a pitcher were much in demand. While still playing in the North End League, Keith also played for Ingleside in the North Dundas League for five years.

In 1967, he played for Glengarry Transport in the N.E.S.L., Ingleside, and the Hull Commercial League. In 1968, he returned home to play for Newington, and in Ogdensburg, NY. From 1969-71, he returned to play with Domtar, and they won two Championships in 1969 and 1971.

After 45 years of continuous participation in senior ball, Domtar withdrew. The league was re-organized and became the Sportsmen’s League. Keith played for Levis for three years and won the Championship with L & R Golden Eagles in 1975, and repeated with Pepsi in 1976, his final year.

Keith’s ball abilities were not confined to pitching, and he developed into one of the top hitters in the various leagues in which he played. In fact, one of his fondest memories was in 1969 when he won the batting Championship and in the final game of the North End League playoffs scored the winning run in the bottom of the of the 14th inning.

Keith was the winner of many Most Valuable Player awards during his career.

Upon retiring from active play, he took up umpiring, and finally called it quits in 1987.