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Marlin George

George Morrison Marlin
Sport: Hockey
Year Inducted: 2002

George Morrison Marlin graduated from the Our Citizens of Tomorrow (OCOT) program and became a member of the legendary junior Inkerman Rockets.

After junior, George moved to Great Britain where he played in the European professional hockey league which was formed following the Second World War and was made up of North American players.

He later returned to Canada and played in the senior ranks.

Following his playing career, George devoted his spare time to the Comwall Minor Hockey Association program. He served on the Board of Directors for 17 years and held the President’s portfolio for nine years. He also found time to coach travelling teams.

In 1977, George was put in charge of a Cornwall and District midget hockey team to play the Russian national midget team which was touring Canada. It was the first time a Soviet minor hockey team had played in North America. George was named General Manager of the team and given a free hand in selecting the coaches and players. Although the Canadians lost the game, it was a success at the box office. The Civic Complex was sold out for the game.

A National hockey Championship had never been played in Cornwall; but, with an excellent facility in the new Civic Complex available, a group of minor hockey people put in a bid for the 1980 Air Canada Cup, Canada’s National Midget Championship. The Canadian Amateur Hockey Association selected Cornwall and George was given the job of running the tournament.

Thanks to the success of the 1980 Air Canada Tournament, the Ontario Hockey Association selected Cornwall for its 1981 Provincial Bantam Championship. Although he didn’t serve on the committee, George provided valuable assistance to the Comwall Minor Hockey Association on the ins and outs of hosting such a presitigious tournament.