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McLennan Roderick

Roderick R. (Big Rory) McLennan
Sport: Track & Field
Year Inducted: 1969

Roderick R. “Big Rory” McLennan, Ex M.P. of Cornwall, won the Championship of the World in the hammer throw along with a gold medal and a $1,000 side bet at Toronto in 1865. He defeated Thomas Jermay who won the Championship in Scotland from a man named Tait, only to lose to McLellan. Rory also ran and jumped.

Sworn affidavits were sent to “The Star” of his records throwing the 5, 10, 16, and 56 pound hammers in the U.S.A. and Canada. Rory would challenge the audience that he could throw the six pound hammer further than anyone could throw a cricket ball.

Big Rory’s days of throwing ended at Mattice Park in Cornwall. While throwing the hammer in a contest, a young girl ran out on the field, was hit by the flying hammer, and was killed. Big Rory felt so bad that he never threw again. Mr. and Mrs. Markham (Rory’s niece) of Cornwall have Rory’s gold medals and watches.

Rory was born January 1, 1842, and died March 8, 1907.