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Jack Murphy
Sport: Softball
Year Inducted: 2008

Jack Murphy’s name can be found on several Cornwall Championship teams in several sports.

He has been called one of the best third basemen ever to come out of Cornwall.

He was one of the stars of the Cornwall team – New York CafĂ© Aces – that won the All-Ontario 17 and under Championship in 1958 – the same year be played in a men’s softball league.

Known as a slick fielder, a cannon for an arm, Jack would also contribute with a high batting average and power. Simply put, he’s what scouts call a five tool player.

Jack moved “up” from the Our Citizen’s Of Tomorrow (OCOT) program to play in the vaunted North End Fastball League. Jack would win batting titles in a league littered with other Cornwall Sports Hall of Famers. He was either the 3-4 or 5 batter on just about every team he played on including the legendary Howard Smith Papermen.

To quote the Standard-Freeholder Sports Editor at the time, “When the Papermen picked up Jack Murphy they got the top batter in the league.” Anyone who played with him or saw him play would say he was a treat to watch and played his position better than anybody.