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Parker Dorothy

Dorothy Parker
Sport: Softball
Year Inducted: 1975

Dorothy Parker was one of those exceptional natural ball players who starred on every team with which she played, particularly at first base.

At the age of 15, Dorothy started playing senior softball with the OCOT coached by Nick Kaneb. For the 4 years (1946-50) she played for the Howard Smith teams under coaches Howard Cunningham and Choppie Branchaud. She starred both at bat and in the field and was captain of the 1948 team that went to the Eastern Ontario Finals.

In 1950, Dorothy was in very fast company, playing for Clapp Shoes, Toronto, a team went to the finals in the Canadian National Exhibition Ladies Tournament.

Returning to Cornwall in 1951, she played for Frenette Motors, winners of the Horowitz Trophy and going on to win the All Eastern Ontario Championship.

1953 saw her playing in the St. Catherine’s Senior Ladies League and in 1957 she played Senior Ladies Softball in Cleveland, Ohio – both very strong leagues.

Besides her excellence in softball, Dorothy must be considered an all-round athlete. She competed in track and field, and played basketball for OCOT teams.

Since quitting the more strenuous sports, she has taken up curling and golf.

As a member of the Niagara Falls Curling Club she has many trophies to prove her ability in that sport and is a member of the Tee-Stones team at the Niagara Falls Golf Club.