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Parkinson Kevin

Kevin Parkinson
Sport: Basketball:   Year Inducted: 1992

Kevin Parkinson has enjoyed an outstanding career at all levels of basketball, but it was on the court where he was at his best.

As a member of CCVS basketball teams from 1963 – 1967, Parkinson established individual single game scoring records at all three levels of basketball.

As a member of the Junior Raiders, Kevin established an EOSSA record by scoring 50 points in a single game. Although he had two years of junior basketball eligibility remaining, his basketball skills were so impressive that he was encouraged by the coaching staff to compete at the senior level where competition would be more difficult, and his basketball skills would be more fully challenged. Kevin eagerly accepted this challenge, and in the 1965-66 basketball season, he led the Senior Raiders in team scoring, averaging 15 points a game.

Kevin’s final year at CCVS would prove to be his best. In the 1966-67 season, he led the Senior Raiders in team scoring, averaging 21 points a game.

On January 19, 1967, in a game against Thousand Islands Secondary School, he scored 38 points in a team victory, to establish a new EOSSA individual scoring record. This record would stand until 1977.

Kevin played with the varsity basketball team at the University of New Brunswick. Thereafter, he remained close to basketball, becoming a member of the Ottawa Board of Basketball Officials, and refereeing for a number of years.

He also coached junior and senior basketball at General Vanier, and St. Lawrence High Schools.

He became very active in the Cornwall minor basketball program.