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Riviere Jr. Edward

Edward (Ed) Riviere Jr.
Sport: Softball
Year Inducted: 1977

Edward “Ed” Riviere Jr. was captain, 3rd baseman and lead off batter on probably the most powerful ball team ever assembled in Cornwall, a team that went on to win both the Intermediate and Senior Softball Championships of Eastern Ontario in 1951.

He was particularly suited for the hot corner because he excelled in all the main requisites – exceptional speed, sure hands, a rifle type arm with accuracy and something extra that very few have the ability to pick up ground balls on bunts and throw in the same motion. Ed was lead off batter because of his ability to wait out pitchers, bunt better than average, and hit the long ball as well. From the plate to 1st there wasn’t anyone faster.

“Ed” probably inherited some of his ball sense and ability from his father but it was his desire and determination to excel that made him the outstanding ball player he became.

His athletic abilities were not confined to ball. Another of the many who came up through the Joe St. Denis OCOT program, he also played hockey, lacrosse, and was a sprint man in track and field meets.

Following his return from overseas where he served with the 3rd Canadian Division Signals in the Northwest Europe Campaign he resumed his sports activities. He was a member of Reg Woodward’s Calumet team that won the Ottawa and District Intermediate Championship and Citizen Shield.

Unfortunately, he suffered a shoulder injury that forced his retirement from hockey, ironically it occurred while playing a benefit game for an injured team-mate. But fortunately, it wasn’t his throwing arm. In 1967, Ed was awarded the Centennial medal for his contribution to the betterment of our community.

Ed was an Executive Member of Minor Baseball between 1959-62, and President in 1962, he coached minor baseball for 5 years and minor hockey for 3 years. He was also the Canadian Legion representative for the CMBA Operation and was a Legion executive for 12 years and served 2 terms as President and 2 terms as Zone Commander. Ed was the President of the Service Club in Cornwall, and President of Summer Heights Golf Club and an Executive member.

Ed spent 37 years in the employ of Howard Smith – Domtar, and now supervises the Woodlands Division in Trenton, and is married to the former Catherine Freund, with 2 sons and 4 grandchildren.