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Roffey Georgette

Georgette (Delacretaz) Roffey
Sport: Tennis
Year Inducted: 1986

Georgette Delacretaz Roffey grew up in the shadows of the Courtaulds Tennis Club in the days when junior tennis was flourishing in Cornwall under the direction of Bill Fagan Sr., and Nick Kaneb.

In 1954, she made her presence known in both Provincial and Dominion Junior net circles. She was ranked number 5 in Canada in Junior Women’s. She was a Canadian semi-finalist in Junior Girls, an Ontario Junior Girls Champion, an Ontario junior mixed doubles Champion (with Alex Kalil), Ottawa and District Junior Girls Champion, Ottawa and District Junior Ladies doubles Champion.

In 1955, she continued her fine showing and was the Ottawa and District Intermediate Ladies Champion, a semi-finalist in Canadian Junior Ladies and Junior Girls, and an Ontario Junior Women Champion.

In 1956, she ranked second in Ontario Junior Women and was the Ontario Junior Ladies Champion and the Ottawa and District Intermediate Ladies doubles Champion.