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Savard, Rheal

Rheal Savard
Sport: Hockey
Year Inducted: 2016

Rheal “Rollie” Savard is remembered as a gifted hockey player who was tough as nails and had sweet hands. Born in 1922, Rheal began his notable hockey career with the Cornwall Cougars in 1944.

Rheal was part of a Canadian contingent that surfaced in Scotland to play hockey in the new Scottish National League in 1946 and scored 7 goals in 10 games for the Paisley Pirates.
After returning to play for the Cougars the following season, he ventured back to Scotland and scored 97 goals in 58 games.

He would play another four seasons with Paisley and Streatham finishing his Scottish career with 178 goals in 152 games before returning to Eastern Ontario to play for the senior Pembroke Lumber Kings in 1952.

Rheal also spent time playing with the Cornwall Calumets of the ECSHL.

His goal scoring ability caught the eye of the International League’s Philadelphia Ramblers. Rheal played three more seasons of professional hockey in Philadelphia, Louisville, Toledo and Johnstown of the EHL and IHL.

He wrapped up his career in the early 1960’s after playing for the Cornwall Chevies and Emards.