Empey Ruth

Empey Ruth

Ruth Mullen Empey Sport: Badminton Year Inducted: 1968 Ruth Mullen Empey played badminton for many years; she won many trophies and Championships. At the time of writing, she is still playing the game. In earlier years, she used to run in track and field events.

Danis Rene

Rene Danis Sport: Tennis Year Inducted: 1968 Rene Danis was a highly regarded tennis player in the Cornwall area. He was an Ontario Court judge in Cornwall. It is believed that Rene grew up in the North Bay area. Deceased.  

Cruickshank Nancee

Nancee Cruickshank Sport: Racquet Sports Year Inducted: 2002 As a young girl growing up in a sports-minded family, Nancee Cruickshank participated in the Cornwall Parks and Recreation program; it was, however, during her high school years that she developed her racquet skills. She won numerous badminton titles, including the right to represent S. D. & […]

Crewson Arthur

Arthur L. Crewson Sport: Badminton Year Inducted: 1968 Arthur L. Crewson, born in 1899, was one of Cornwall’s star badminton players. He won the Cornwall and District Championship, and Provincial Championship on six occasions. He was active in badminton for over 25 years. He also played an excellent game of tennis.  

Bhatnagar Samir

Samir Bhatnagar Sport: Racquet Sports Year Inducted: 2002 Samir Bhatnagar is an Ottawa police sergeant who is an expert when it comes to racquets. In fact, for many years he was a big player in the racquets. That, of course, is racquets as in racquet sports. Samir, who was born in France and raised in […]