Guevremont Roger

Guevremont Roger

Roger Guevremont Sport: Curling/Builder Year Inducted: 2014 Roger has been involved as a volunteer in many sports organizing events and conducting clinics. 40 years of playing and helping to grow the game of curling. Spent countless hours helping youth learn the game and started the school initiation program and was the 2002 Lions Curling Sportsman […]

Scranton Bob

Bob Scranton Sport: Curling Year Inducted: 1996 Bob Scranton has been an organizer, promoter, and successful Cornwall curler for 35 years. At the Cornwall Curling Club, Scranton has skipped teams to victory in many bonspiels. He has seven victories in the Annual Closing Bonspiel, the latest in 2002. Scranton has six men’s club Championships under […]

Rouleau Ubald

J. E. Ubald Rouleau Sport: Curling Year Inducted: 1968 J. E. Ubald Rouleau, born in Bourget, Ontario, came to Cornwall in 1928. Ubald was active as a curler, joining the curling club as one of its founders and playing on many Championship teams. He also was a Champion lawn bowler, and played in the International […]

Raeside William

William (Bill) Mathieson Raeside Sport: Curling Year Inducted: 1972 William “Bill” Mathieson Raeside was born in Scotland on December 05, 1908, moving to Cornwall in 1934. He immediately started curling at the arena until the curling club on Amelia Street was built. Along with becoming a competitive curler he found time to give lessons at […]

Moffat Harry

Harry Hodgson Moffat Sport: Curling Year Inducted: 1975 Harry Hodgson Moffat’s career in curling began in the Water Street Arena in 1947 with the old 60 pound irons. He joined the Cornwall Curling Club in 1948 when it was formed participating in several Jubilee and Governor General playdowns. In 1958, he was one of four […]

McKenna Gerry

Gerry McKenna Sport: Curling Year Inducted: 2010 Gerry McKenna is one of the strongest contributors in a very large group of volunteers involved with the Cornwall Curling Centre. The success and growth of curling and the Centre in Cornwall is due to his volunteer spirit. Gerry has contributed from the highest level to the success […]

Lebano Vincent

Vincent (Vince) Louis Lebano Sport: Curling Year Inducted: 1969 Vincent “Vince” Louis Lebano, born in 1937, started curling while attending CCVS from 1952 to 1957 and was skip in the Cornwall club from 1960 to 1967. He participated as skip in the Ottawa Bonspiel in 1960, 1963, and 1967. He skipped Cornwall in Royal Caledonia […]

Kaneb Nicholas

Nicholas (Nick) Kaneb Sport: Curling Year Inducted: 1974 Nicholas “Nick” Kaneb, born in 1916, started curling with 60 lb. rocks on natural ice at the Water Street Arena in 1946. In 1948, his first year in the Cornwall Curling Club, he won a set of granites competing in the Ontario Curling Association Edinburgh competition. He […]

Kaneb Charlene

Charlene (Hodgins) Kaneb Sport: Curling Year Inducted: 1968 Charlene Kaneb (nee Hodgins) was born in 1919 in Shawville, Quebec, and came to Cornwall about 1937. Charlene was very active in sports and was either a Champion or served on Championship teams of basketball, softball, tennis, and golf. In curling, she was very outstanding from 1958 […]

Dolejsi George

George Dolejsi Sport: Curling Year Inducted: 1994 George Dolejsi joined the Cornwall Curling Club in 1962, moving from Saskatchewan. He continued to be active in the club and has been a contributor in all aspects of curling. There were many victories in ‘spiels in Ontario and Quebec. He won six club Championships between 1971-88. He […]