Deneault Marc

Deneault Marc

Marc Edwin Deneault Sport: Track & Field Year Inducted: 2004 Dedication and an ironclad work ethic propelled Marc Edwin Deneault to a fledgling track and field career at Cornell University. It ended tragically in a car crash on Dec. 18, 1999 on Interstate 88 in upper New York State. The death of the popular Big […]

Dean Robert

Robert (Bob) Edward Dean Sport: Golf Year Inducted: 1988 Like so many professional golfers, Robert “Bob” Edward Dean started out in his early teens as a caddy at the Toronto Golf Club. The club pro soon recognized his potential and dedication to the game, and appointed him senior assistant at the age of 17, a […]

Donihee Henry

Henry Patrick (Hank) Donihee Sport: Lacrosse Year Inducted: 1969 Henry Patrick “Hank” Donihee was a marvelous lacrosse player noted by his friends. He was well respect by other teams in the area and played for out-of-town teams for cash. Hank stayed in the community, and had a butcher shop on Gloucester Street. Deceased 1940.  

Desrosiers Omer

Omer Desrosiers Sport: Lacrosse:   Year Inducted: 1986 Omer Desrosiers was born in St. Moise, P.Q. in 1924 and moved to Cornwall at the age of 4. He lived in Cornwall all his life until his death in 1982 at the age of 58. As a youngster, he participated in all sports, under the leadership of […]

Degray Kelly

Kelly (Beef) Degray Sport: Lacrosse Year Inducted: 1969 Kelly “Beef” Degray, born in 1910, came from a lacrosse family. His father and uncle were stars in their own right. Kelly played for the North Stars when they won the Championship in 1925. He then went to Brampton, Hamilton, and Oshawa. He turned professional with the […]

Degray Ambrose

Ambrose (Garron) Degray Sport: Lacrosse Year Inducted: 1968 Ambrose Degray, born 1884, was known by the name of “Garron.” He was a clever centre player and a strong runner; he would score goals by climbing up the twine on the back of the goal. He played for Cornwall and the Montreal Nationals.  

Degan Fred

Fred Degan Sport: Lacrosse Year Inducted: 1968 Fred Degan, born in 1875, was a star defenceman on the Cornwall team for years. He was a sturdy, rugged checker. Fred came from a lacrosse family with his brothers Eddie, Bob, Charley, and Alex, who were all lacrosse players. He died in 1947.  

Deebank Lawrence

Lawrence E. (Windy) Deebank Sport: Lacrosse Year Inducted: 1968 Lawrence E. “Windy” Deebank, born 1917, learned his lacrosse in Cornwall. He was a strong player who barged his way right through tough defencemen. He scored lots of goals and played on several outstanding lacrosse teams in Cornwall. He died in 1973.

Dalbec Rosario

Rosario (Rose) Dalbec Sport: Lacrosse Year Inducted: 1968 Rosario Dalbec, born in 1910, played field and box lacrosse. “Rose” was a tricky and clever stick handler. He played on several Championship teams. Rose came from a lacrosse family. He had 4 brothers: Jock, Sid, Sylvio, and Adrian who all played lacrosse.  

Dupuis Roy

Roy (Hun) Dupuis Sport: Hockey:   Year Inducted: 1969 Roy “Hun” Dupuis, born in 1910, was a strong and rugged player. A very fast skater who possessed a wicked shot, he was known for his end to end rushes. Hun advanced through the Cornwall ranks and turned pro with the New York Rovers and Baltimore Orioles […]